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Food Mayhem Episode 1: Boiled Golden Egg

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

FOOD MAYHEM! Season 1 Blog 1

Welcome to the first ever blog in the FOOD MAYHEM series. In this season we will be experementing, comparing and much more, all with food. This time we decided to something crazy and out of this world as our first blog. I'm sure you have all had a boiled egg with soldiers. Well we thought "we have a few chocolate eggs left over from easter, how about we try boiling these Fortnum and Mason Chocolate praline eggs, that aren't hollow and have real eggshells! It was crazy.

We got the idea from when my Grandma set out to boil me and my and grandpa an egg but accidentily she ploped one of the choco eggs in the pan, but sadly my dad was also in the kitchen and explained to her what she had done.

It really was an epic experiment. We popped the egg into water on a pan at high for one to two mins or until a tiny bit of chocolate comes out.

Next we buttered some toast and started dunking. It was like a nutella but even better. It was SICK!

This is definetly one for you guys to try out at home.

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