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Food Mayhem: Bee Blog

Updated: Jan 16, 2021

Series 1 Blog 2

Hello and welcome to Food Mayhem blog 2! Today I will be having an interview with my Grandad, who is a relatively new beekeeper.

Hello Grandad.

Hello Rishi, How are you?

Good thanks, why did you start beekeeping?

I have been interested in bees for a little while and now that I am getting older I thought it might be a nice hobby.

What is your favourite part of looking after your bees?

Looking after the hive and making sure the bees are healthy!

Do you have any honey, and if you have, how did you get it?

Well yes, I've got honey. At the moment, I have just one hive and I took the honey from it using a beekeeping friends extractor. I got just over 30 pounds of honey in total.

Wow! That's a lot of honey, Was it hard getting the honey?

No, not too difficult but the bees were a bit cross with me when I took away the honey from the hive to get it extracted.

Did you leave any honey for the bees so that they can stay alive in winter?

Well, yes. I left some honey in the main part of the hive. Now that it is the end of summer the bees will continue to store honey for themselves in the main part of the hive as there is still a lot of nectar and pollen available. I shall also provide them with sugar feed so that they can increase their honey stores for the winter!

What are the other parts of the hive?

They are the supers which sit on top of the main hive especially for storing honey. Which the bees make during the summer. The honey which we extract is obtained from the supers.

And the last question, Are you scared of getting stung and how many times have you been stung?

No, I am not scared of getting stung but I don't like it when I am. This year I've been stung 4 times.

Thank you Grandad, can't wait to dig in to some of your honey!

Bye and Thank you Rishi.

Well, that's it for this blog, hope you enjoyed it!

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1 Comment

Sep 02, 2020

Great interview Rishi. Enjoy the honey. We have a beehive at school. They are just starting to get active because the weather is warming up here. X

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