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Brand New Cookie Subscription Now Available From Rishi's Kitchen!

I am so excited to announce that I have released a new cookie subscription. For nearly six months now I have been creating the subscription and now that it is finally out I am so happy.

If you sign up for the subscription every month you will receive two letterbox-friendly boxes of cookies. In total, every month that will amount to 10-20 cookies delivered to your door.

The cookies will be delivered as quick as possible and they will keep 3-5 days (if they even last half an hour).

To purchase the subscription head to this link - but carry on reading if you're still unsure.

The subscription costs £120 every year or £15 each month, if you are are not ready to pay the full price though, you can order a one-off £5 sample cookie box. The box will contain 5-10 cookies and will fit through your letterbox. You would receive two of those boxes every month for the full subscription.

Sadly we can't ship outside the UK and refunds aren't available.

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1 Comment

wilfred travers
wilfred travers
Jan 22, 2021

Looking forward to getting a subscription! 😋🍪

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