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Hoppers Restaurant Review

Hoppers is a fantastic Sri Lankan restaurant famous for its wonderful hoppers and dosas. They have 3 restaurants all across London, in Soho, Marylebone, and my favourite location, Kings Cross, or you can order on Deliveroo.

My favourite dish from Hoppers would have to be the Lamb Kothu Roti which has lots of chopped-up bits of roti and lamb mixed in the curry. It gives me a great comfort food vibe, and everybody loves comfort food.

If lamb or roti isn't your thing, fear not they have some great veggie options and a wide variety of sides.

Overall I think that Hoppers is a fantastic restaurant and if you're in London you should definitely pop into one of their locations. I would give Hoppers 4 stars, the fifth has gone missing because of a lack of delicious deserts.

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