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Brand New Kit Kat? | Kit Kat Zebra Review

Hello and welcome to this super exciting blog post. Today I will be reviewing a brand new Kit Kat!!!

Recently the Zebra Kit Kat landed on to the British market. So, knowing me, I popped to my local tiny supermarket and got myself two of the new Kit Kats and taste-tested them.

The Zebra Kit Kats are covered in both white and dark chocolate however they smelled heavily of dark, even though when you bite into them they do taste a lot like normal milk chocolate Kit Kats.

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wilfred travers
wilfred travers
Apr 03, 2021

I love the idea of dark chocolate with white chocolate! It looks really tasty. I might try to get one as well! 😋🍫


Apr 01, 2021

The Zebra Kit Kat looks great. I’m going to see if we have them in my local supermarket in Australia.

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