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Brigadiers Restaurant Review

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I love Brigadiers, I think I am going to have to say that it is my favourite Indian restaurant. I definitely give it five stars, here's why:

Brigadiers' food is amazing. It's addictive, it makes you want more and more, even if your tongue is on fire. It also has some of the best menus for an Indian restaurant, the wide variety makes you drool. It also includes an abundance of feasts and even does a Saturday Sport menu!

Vada pau is definitely my favourite dish. It was the first thing I ever ate at Brigadiers and I have been eating it non-stop ever since. Their spicy chicken wings are also a must-mention for this post.

In my experience with Deliveroo the service you get when you order Brigadiers on there is impeccable. The mango lassi comes in a neat little bottle, and all the plastic packaging is super firm. However, most of it is plastic, which is bad for the environment.

Sadly Brigadiers is not the best for desserts. It's more of a let's-go-somewhere-else-for-dessert kind of place.

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