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Fast Food: Episode 3 Part Two: Leon Love Burger

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Fast Food Episode Three Part One: Fast Food: Episode 3 Part One (

I know it has been a while since Part One of this episode however, it is finally time for the season finale of Fast Food! In this last but not least episode, we are going to be talking about the Leon Love Burger. A vegan burger from one of the freshest fast food restaurants out there.

You probably know fast food burgers as massive beefy burgers ready in just a couple of minutes. However, Leon has come up with a new way to burger. A quick, easy but especially, vegan burger.

But why is this burger so special? It means that the fast-food industry can change. It means that fast-food restaurants can adapt to a greener future. It's confirmation that the food industry is not dead. We need to adapt to a more environmentally friendly future and Leon is, which is a great sign.

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