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Deuce Rebellion Restaurant Review

Deuce Rebellion Location: 135 Bermondsey St

Deuce Rebellion Website: DEUCE REBELLION

Rishi's Kitchen Instagram: @rishiskitchen

Deuce Rebellion is a fantastic, independent hot dog restaurant that opened just down the road from our HQ in Bermondsey this year.

I have been to many Juice & Hot Dog shops in my time but many have failed to deserve a review on this blog. However, Deuce Rebellion's fantastic tennis theme with jokey item names such as Top Spin and Drop Shot was too good to leave out. Yet the shop's tennis vibe wasn't the only thing that attracted me to the store. In fact, it was the food.

They have perfect brioche buns encasing a truly tender sausage and some showstopping mustard.


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wilfred travers
wilfred travers
12 apr 2021

That hot dog looks incredible! Deuce Rebellion sounds like the perfect hot dog restaurant!


Mi piace
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