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Get Ready For Rishi's Kitchen Vegan Week!

My Dad and I are going vegan!!!. No, I'm kidding it is time for Rishi's Kitchen Vegan Week 2021!!! You can learn more from the video below.

I will be posting on every single Rishi's Kitchen platform. So get ready for awesome posts right here on the website, loads of food pics on Instagram, tons of videos on the youtube channel included the first-ever live stream and a very special Rishi's Kitchen Vegan Week Podcast on a Wednesday, I know a Wednesday!!!

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Feb 28, 2021

Looks amazing


Rishi's Kitchen
Rishi's Kitchen
Feb 26, 2021

Rishi's Kitchen Vegan Week will start at 5pm on Sunday the 28th of February with a live stream on the Rishi's Kitchen TV youtube channel and will end the same way at 5pm on Sunday the 6th March 2021.

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