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Orlando's BAKE OFF!

It really was an amazing rollercoaster of a bake-off. Lots of faces from my class and turned up with lovely bakery-worthy cakes. But from the start, we knew there could only be one winner!

As soon as the zoom party started everyone could feel the heat, the tension was burning up inside as the birthday boy introduced the three judges. They were: GIOVANNI! CHRISTINA! ERICA! It was time for judging.

An amazing array of beautiful cakes flooded through the evening. Upside down cakes, polenta cakes, chocolate cakes, everyone's mouths watered.

There were only three available medal positions and they would go to Lazar's chocolate cake that looked like ice cream, Orlando's red velvet, strawberry looking cake and finally Bea's. But in which order?

3rd. BEA!


1st LAZAR!!!!

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