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Rishi's Kitchen awards: Best sushi place

This is the first of the seven catagories in the ultimate Rishi's Kitchen awards! In this catagorie we would like you to vote for your favourite sushi place! We would like you to vote down below based on these 3 catagories. Food, Atmosphere and Service. It could be YO SUSHI or maybe SUSHI SAMBA, who knows it's your pick. Thanks.

Oh yeah get voting!


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5 comentarios

31 may 2020

Sushi samba !!

Me gusta

Sushi Samba on Lincoln Rd in Miami!

Me gusta

Rishi's Kitchen
Rishi's Kitchen
18 may 2020

My favourite sushi place is.... hhhhmmmmm Sushi 🍣 Samba just like bushkisk

Me gusta

My favourite Sushi place is Sushi Samba

Me gusta

16 may 2020

Hey Rishi, my favourite sushi place is in Aus. on Ocean St. on the Sunshine Coast. It’s called Sushi Dragon. We have to get sushi every weekend, or I don’t feel ready to go back to work on Monday! 🤣 Aunty Stan’s friend-Abi x x x x x

Me gusta
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