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Rishi's Kitchen Garden

Every kitchen needs a great kitchen garden and in Rishi's Kitchen, we are not short of a great Kitchen Garden.

My garden is thriving with some awesome fruit and veg. We have some terrific tomatoes filled with tons of healthy lycopene. We also have some tear-creating onions and some lovely cauliflower.

I loved growing my own and guess what it was so easy. As we couldn't find any seeds all we needed was a little plant, some plant food a nice patch of soil and that was it! Apart from the water of course.

You should try it!

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1 Comment

Jul 29, 2020

Your little garden looks fantastic Rishi. Nothing like home grown tomatoes! I manage a veggie patch at school and we have a beehive being installed on Friday!!! I'll post a photo when we're in buzziness :)

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