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Rishi's Kitchen Tour - France

Hello and welcome back to another post.

Today I will be introducing you to the Rishi's Kitchen Tour. Because right now my Dad and I are on a fantastic road trip across Europe and I have decided to share with you the lovely food we're eating on our trip.

In French France, we started with a banger of a meal. In Reims, I helped myself to a naughty bit of Moules Frites or Mussels & Chips in English.

This delicate dish still packs in the flavour - the texture of the mussels, the complementing-to-perfection sauce. This is a meal to look out for, it's one of my favourites.

You have to get this dish right though, and that's pretty tough.

Another dish I experienced on my trip to France was a classic from the Alps. As you may know up in those high altitude areas they enjoy lots of potatoey and cheesy meals to fill their bellies after a tiring hike up the mountains. At a little village in the mountains called La Cluzas, there for dinner, we had some of those gooey classics, tartiflette. It wasn't as good as the Moules Frites I have to say but it sure did fill my tummy after a long hike with my dad.

France has so much more food to offer like Quiches or Eclairs, which are brilliant and scrumdiddlyumptious but my belly is full because I ate one last French phenomenon. In the humble village of La Cluzas, we came across an amazing patisserie. It had pastries in abundance, cakes in all their glory, yum, yum, yum. Decades of experience had gone into that food and it showed. I had a chocolate, caramel and creamy tart that made my day. Oozy caramel and rich chocolate with some perfect pastry. Mmm.

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Aug 26, 2020

french boi


Aug 21, 2020

OMG Rishi, sounds like a fabulous road trip. Thanks for sharing. X


Aug 21, 2020

jealous of those moules frites! Have a blast :)

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