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Short Eats London Restaurant Review

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Short Eats London Website:

Short Eats London is a fantastic, family business that provides wonderful Sri Lankan and Trinidadian plant-based food right to your door. Pre-Coronavirus, Short Eats was focused on their Supper Club but now you can subscribe to them online and get a fixed menu delivered every Monday for you to heat up at home.

The Short Eats London Vegan Menu

Aubs Curry - Deep and rich Aubergine & Potato Curry. Dhaal Boy - Smooth and hearty Red Lentil Curry. Chanana - Aromatic and spicy Chick Pea Curry. Spinach - Fragrant and creamy Green Spinach Curry.

You can also order additional sides like their bhajis. These spinach bhajis are fantastic - crispy on the edges but soft and lovely in the middle. They look wild and here at Rishi's Kitchen we like wild. We make a little tamarind sauce to dip them in.

The Chanana is a wonderfully warming chickpea curry that is awesome with roti, but even better with Poori (Click here to find our blog about Poori). And their Dhaal Boy is satisfyingly thick and comforting.

The Christmas special menu with parsnips, carrots and a shredded sprout thoran was just delicious.

All the food feels super fresh and clean. There are pleasing finishing touches on each dish like a fresh chili, chopped lime or coriander. The meal box feeds us for a couple of nights. The packaging is very eco friendly and their is logo is one of the best I have seen.

Which local food businesses do you love?

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