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The Marie Curie Charity

The Marie Curie Charity is an amazing one that provides spectacular nurses in the comfort of patients own home when needed. It provides awesome support for people who need it most, such as cancer patients, and they need your help. One of the ways is to watch our epic award show, Rishi's Kitchen Awards, at five-thirty on the 5th of June 2020. You can vote for your favourite out of five categories via each categories respective blog post and comment section. You can also donate to them via this just giving page:

Why I chose Marie Curie

I chose Marie curie for you to donate to because I have lots of very heartwarming and sad stories to tell that includes lots of encounters with Marie Curie. Firstly this is one from my dad. His mum sadly caught motor neurone disease and eventually ran out of life to live but luckily Marie Curie was there to help my dad get through it, they also helped my mum when she had bowel cancer which turned into a disaster. Recently, she passed.

Rishi, aged 10.

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