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The origins of Pasta

Did you know that noodles came before pasta? And did you know that some people say that pasta isn't Italian! This article could change your knowledge of pasta forever!

One fateful day, Italian explorer Marco Polo went strolling down the humongous silk road, wondering what he would find. Little did he know his little expedition would change not just the exploring world but the whole world, maybe even the universe.

One day he stumbled across China. He marvelled at its magnificent culture and admired the wonderful thing that was noodles. Instantaneously he saw something no one else did in noodles.

Next pasta was born!

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Rishi's Kitchen
Rishi's Kitchen
May 16, 2020

My pleasure


May 15, 2020

Hey Rishi, I an Aunty Stan’s friend in Australia. I loved watching your video. I did not know that pasta in fact came from China! Amazing!! Thanks for sharing!!!

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